The Barrel exchange program…and how it works

Aging beer in barrels is wonderful. Finding something to do with the barrel when you’re done with it…less wonderful. Let us take that problem off your hands by providing you the BARREL EXCHANGE PROGRAM.


The first round of barrels are at the original cost. After you’ve exhausted the barrel of its aging properties and are ready for another set of barrels, let us know. For each barrel you would like to exchange, you will receive a $65 credit for 53ga barrels or $45 for any smaller barrels towards the next barrel. It’s as simple as that.



The barrels I provide are guaranteed fresh! Barrels for aging have a shelf life of about TWO MONTHS. Here are the steps of how the barrels get to you from the distillery.

  1. The barrel is dumped at the distillery

  2. Within THREE days of being dumped, the barrels arrive at the cooperage.

  3. Within a WEEKS time, the barrels are either shipped within the continental US or shipped overseas to places like Scotland or China.

  4. From the dump date to the day that I receive the barrels is no longer than 7 days.

  5. Once received by me, the clock is ticking. If the barrels are not purchased within 45 days from the day that I receive them, I consider them no longer fresh dumped.

  6. At this point, they may still be purchased at a discounted rate with the understanding that they will need to be re-swelled for aging.