It all started when…

A co-worker asked me to make a bar out of a whiskey barrel he had obtained. I accepted the challenge, and three long tedious months later, I had completed my first barrel project.

Fast forward three years, and I find myself making barrel bars and other such items from whiskey barrels as a full-time gig. After four years of living in town just outside of Atlanta, GA, my family relocated back to Minnesnowta. It quickly became apparent that the access to barrels was much more challenging. That’s when it hit me. If I’m having difficulty getting a cost effective and continuous supply of decor barrels, how are the breweries getting their barrels for aging beer?

It is then that I decided to begin offering fresh dumped and single use barrels to breweries. By providing breweries with the barrels that they need and also providing a buy back program, I am able to provide the breweries with barrels while also alleviating the stress of getting rid of the spent barrels.